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How to Prepare for a Breast Augmentation Consultation

If you’re considering a breast augmentation—a highly personal and major decision for any woman—it’s imperative to prepare yourself early on, before even scheduling a consultation. A consultation is the time for Dr. Diaz to give his specific and highly personalized recommendations for your body, based on the desired look you want to achieve, as well as an opportunity for you to have all of your questions answered. He’ll guide you through the surgical and recovery processes, and what to expect, but it’s always a good idea to get a basic understanding of the procedure by visiting before your initial appointment. The internet does not always have the most reliable information, but this site has the most up-to-date and accurate information about breast augmentation. Are you really, REALLY ready? You’ll know if you’re prepared for surgery by asking yourself these questions prior to your consultation: Why do I want breast augmentation? How excited am I to go through with this? When can I take time off to have surgery? You should feel comfortable with all of your answers and excited at the thought of proceeding. Is your doctor board-certified? Just because a doctor calls him or herself a ‘cosmetic surgeon’ doesn’t mean they are qualified to do cosmetic procedures. Any doctor, regardless of their training or board certification, can call themselves a “cosmetic surgeon” because this term is not regulated. (in fact, the use of the term ‘cosmetic’ in someone’s title is usually a red flag). While most so-called cosmetic surgeons are doctors, they don’t hold a recognized board-certification in cosmetic procedures, which means many have limited or no plastic surgery training. Only properly board-certified plastic surgeons have undergone the necessary supervised surgical training and demonstrated best practices for patient safety. For best results, seek out a surgeon board-certified specifically in plastic surgery. Also, the surgeon should specialize in breast augmentation. Don’t be afraid to ask how many of these procedures he or she has done in his or her lifetime. What method does your doctor use to select breast implant size? Vectra 3D imaging provides a highly accurate simulation of what a breast implant will look like on your body. This leading-edge technology allows you to ‘try-on’ a variety of implants—in real-time, and in a variety of situations including nude and in a swimsuit. Unfortunately, some physicians are still using decidedly low-tech methods like ‘stuffing the bra’ to determine their best medical guesstimate. You can be certain accurate results require the most accurate technology, so seek out a doctor accordingly. When is the first available surgical appointment? It can take a few weeks to book a consultation with a popular surgeon, and 2-4 more weeks from the time of your consultation to book the actual procedure. To keep your expectations realistic, ask the front desk when the next available surgery date is—and be sure to ask at the time you book your consultation. This allows you to start planning the process and recovery time, and make arrangements for time off. There are a lot of misconceptions about breast augmentation, so it’s a good idea to write down your questions prior to your consultation appointment so you don’t miss a beat. During your initial consultation, be prepared to tell Dr. Diaz what kind of breast result you would like. Think about which cup size you would like to be and what kind of shape you’d like your breasts to have. Bring in pictures of celebrities or models who you think have ideal breasts. This will help make the consultation easier and more productive. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]


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