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Shape Is Everything: How To Choose Breast Implants From ‘Endless’ Options

While there will always be talk of surgical trends, most women seek aesthetic improvements that look entirely natural. When it comes to breast augmentation, this translates as perfect proportion and a subtle ‘blending’ just below the collarbone—without bulging or shelfing. The goal is to turn heads, not drawing curious stares. A natural look is a timeless one.

When choosing breast implants, it’s easy to become preoccupied with size, but shape is also a key consideration that will determine an authentic-looking outcome. In fact, many patients enter their consultation with a specific size in mind, but often change gears upon considering a number of factors, including implant dimensions of base-width, height, volume and profile projection.

Such extensive options can seem overwhelming at first, but having so many choices is ideal for achieving the best possible cosmetic result for your anatomy. This is why it becomes so important to select a board-certified surgeon with an artist’s eye for beauty. Guided by principles of proportion, Dr. Diaz is one of the top plastic surgeons performing breast augmentation in the country. He utilizes Vectra 3D imaging technology to create customized solutions and elegant results that exceed expectations.

Generally speaking, breast implants are filled with either saline (salt water) or silicone-gel. Both saline and silicone implants come in two basic shapes: round or anatomic shaped, which is also known as a “teardrop” shape. Implants can also have two different outer surfaces (textured or smooth). Round implants result in a less subtle look, which some women still prefer. Anatomic-shaped implants create a teardrop shape and are considered a more advanced implant for an elegant, natural look.


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