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Get The Most Natural Results From Your Breast Augmentation

There’s never been a better time to undergo breast augmentation surgery—the safest possible procedures now provide the best possible outcomes. Every patient is unique, and every surgical method is customized, which means no two augmentations will ever deliver the exact same result. With Dr. Diaz’s heightened understanding of anatomy and unwavering perfectionism, the emphasis is on natural, authentic-looking results.

Contrary to popular belief, undergoing a breast augmentation isn’t about ‘remaking’ yourself but accentuating what’s already beautiful about you. That being said, even the smallest improvements can be image-boosting and life-enhancing.

The most desirable outcome you can ask for is one that appears you were ‘born this way’, the surgical equivalent of ‘no-makeup’ makeup and the ultimate aesthetic marvel. This is where the artistic aspect of plastic surgery comes into play. Achieving a natural result has become more attainable than ever due largely to Vectra 3D imaging, which surpasses traditional one-dimensional ‘before-and-after’ photos by providing patients with the most accurate, life-like depiction of what their future implants will look like on their body. The technology allows you to ‘try on’ many different sizes and shapes of implants until you say, “That’s it! Perfect!”


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