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Are Bigger Breasts Better?

There is no question that a larger chest can have a list of social, fashion and evolutionary perks. Herein, the top few reasons patients adore their new implants:

Increased Attractiveness

This may be among the most obvious rewards: having a busty chest serves an evolutionary purpose and is a mating call of sorts, since it's a sign of fertility. Genetically and historically speaking, the hormones needed to naturally grow a large chest are indicative of a healthy reproductive system.

Better Proportion

When your breasts are bigger, your waist will look smaller by comparison. In other words, your low-slung jeans, itty-bitty bikinis and bathroom mirrors are all likely to become your new best friends.

Increased Style

The necklaces you own suddenly 'pop!' when you put them on. And there’s no shortage of compliments when you go out for a night on the town. Most female patients report that one of the best parts of having new, improved breasts is how their clothes and accessories suddenly become more flattering. Having more cleavage and a more pronounced profile can breathe new life into the tees, button-downs or bras you've had forever. They make buying new clothes more fun as well.

These are just a few of the reasons why many patients say breast implants are the best beauty investment they ever made.


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