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How To Recovery Quickly From Breast Augmentation

Many patients ask about the swiftest-possible way to recuperate from breast augmentation. Although there's no magic pill, it does help to ‘think yourself well’ with positive thoughts. If you follow Dr. Diaz's pre- and post-surgical care instructions you’ll be back to your regular routine in no time.

To speed your healing, Dr. Diaz uses a very gentle approach during surgery and minimizes your time under anesthesia. He also applies a special long lasting numbing medication during surgery to make your recovery as comfortable as possible. This, combined with his tips for a quick recovery, ensure the best results.

Dr. Diaz advises you to:

Eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and protein following your surgery

Stay hydrated by drinking lots of fluids

Reduce swelling and pain by elevating your chest while you relax and sleep.

Use arnica to reduce bruising.

Avoid blood thinners like Aspirin, Vitamin E and Omega 3 fats (such as fish oil), which can cause excessive bleeding.

Forgo rigorous activity and exercise the first week after surgery.

Massage and stretching can help with relief.

Restrict arm movements for the first 2-3 days.

Be sure to get out of bed and walk around the house soon after surgery. This gets the circulation going and speeds recovery.

You should be feeling back to normal and resuming moderate day-to-day activities within a few days. Keep in mind that everyone heals at a different pace, so your experience may vary. Overall, everyone is back to feeling completely normal and looking great in about one month!


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