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The Top 5 Myths About Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is all at once the most common and misunderstood cosmetic surgical procedure in America. Growing popularity often leads to growing misconceptions, many of which can impact your decision. Herein, some factual clarity:

Myth #1: Breast Surgery Recovery Is Dreadful

This is what most people expect. However, most of my patients say the exact opposite. In fact, most patients tell me that their recovery was a lot easier than they expected. Although there is some pain, pressure and soreness, this is easily treated with pain pills. Better yet, these symptoms usually only last for a day or two. My patients usually tell me that they rested and took it very easy for the first two days after surgery and they were fine. Usually, by the third day, most patients have a lot less soreness and feel much better. Most of my patients start getting out of the house by the third day. They continue feeling much better each day after that. The majority of women are off all pain pills by the fourth or fifth day and are back to work or school after five or six days. Thus, the recovery after breast surgery is really not as bad as most people think.

Myth #2: Breast Implants Must Be Replaced

No. There is no reason to replace your implants unless you want to, or you have a problem. This is why it is so important to go to an experienced board certified plastic surgeon. If you do, your chances of developing a problem with your implants should be low. I have seen patients who have implants for over 30 years and are perfectly fine. Thus, the idea that you have to change your implants after a certain period of time is only a myth.

Myth #3: Breast Implants Increase Risk of Disease

This is one of the biggest concerns of many patients. Breast implants have been extensively studied and the FDA has concluded that there’s no association with silicone gel-filled breast implants and connective tissue disease or reproductive problems.

Myth #4: Breast Implant Leakage Is Dangerous

In the early nineties, implants were filled with a liquid form of silicone. Plus, the outer shell of the implant was thinner and weaker. These implants had a risk of rupturing and leaking silicone. Fortunately, leakage-prone implants were eventually pulled from the market. The new Cohesive Gel or “Gummy Bear’ Implants will stay together in solid form even when cut in half. These days, it is very rare for an implant to break or rupture. Even if it did, the silicone would stay in place. Thus, there is no direct health risk posed by the very unlikely rupture or leak of a silicone implant.

Myth #5: Breast Implants Look Fake

A board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast augmentation can masterfully use implants to mimic the appearance of authentic breasts. Evolved techniques make it almost impossible to tell the difference. Furthermore, the new generation of shaped anatomic implants are designed to look just like a natural breast. The results of breast augmentation today are more natural than ever.


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