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Breast Augmentation Recovery

John Diaz, MD Breast Augmentation Specialist

The recovery process is much easier than most people expect. My patients tell me that they were able to spend time and enjoy their evening at home the very first night after surgery. They felt some discomfort and pressure over the chest, but this was easily improved with medications.


My patients are able to shower the first day after surgery. They felt tired and required rest for the first two days. Most people tell me they wake up on the third day with much more energy, less pain and are able to participate in much more activity. Many patients go out to eat, meet up with friends or go shopping by the third day. 


The recovery rapidly improves each day. You will have more energy and less discomfort as each day goes by. Most patients are off all medications by the fourth or fifth day. Many patients return to work, school and driving by the fifth day. Everyone is different. During your consultation, I will discuss what your specific recovery process will be like.

John Diaz, MD Breast Augmentation Specialist

Click on the video above to see how Dr. Diaz performs a breast augmentation. 

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