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Breast Augmentation surgery Los Angeles

John Diaz, MD Breast Augmentation Specialist

Dr. Diaz is a perfectionist and is meticulous in surgery. His technique for breast augmentation is designed to provide the best result possible. There are numerous special manuevers he does during surgery to ensure the result will be beautiful. 


For example, Dr. Diaz uses natural anatomic planes to elevate the muscle. This is an extremely gentle way to create the implant pocket. Once the natural planes have been created, Dr. Diaz make sure there is an appropriate "dual plane" for your implant type and breast shape. 


Dr. Diaz also uses "sizers" during surgery. Sizers are implants used during surgery only. The sizer he uses is matched to the implant you have chosen. The sizer is used to adjust the breast pocket to make sure the shape of the breast is perfectly designed. Your actual implant will be inserted only after the breast shape has been perfected. 


Dr. Diaz follows a series of extra steps to ensure that your implants are inserted under the most pristine conditions. First, he specially prepares the breast skin around the incision with antibiotic solution. Next, he changes his gloves to make sure everything is handled under the most perfect conditions. Lastly, he uses a device called a Keller Funnel to insert your implant. This process is called a "no touch" technique and is used by the best surgeons in the world. 


This process is designed to make sure that your surgery goes as smoothly as possible. His technique to create a breast pocket and to handle the insertion of your implants is done to make sure you have an easy recovery and a beautiful result. 

John Diaz, MD Breast Augmentation Specialist

Click on the video above to see how Dr. Diaz performs a breast augmentation. 

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