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How Vectra 3D Imaging Has Forever Changed Breast Augmentation

Undergoing any type of aesthetic makeover is exciting and potentially life-changing, but there are understandable fears about the outcome. How do I know my surgery will be worthwhile? How can I be sure I’ll get the look I’ve always wanted? How can I be crystal clear with my doctor?

Breast augmentation, in particular, has its own set of communication complexities. Every woman has a different body shape and different goals. And while looking at other patients’ ‘before-and-after’ photos is typical, this method is not the most accurate since your own outcome will depend on your own breast shape and volume. Traditional ‘bra-stuffing’ methods also prove to be archaic, since they don’t provide real scientific or medical accuracy, often overestimating your future result and sometimes leading to disappointment.

The good news is that game-changing technology has changed all of this for an elite few doctors at the top of their field, including Dr. Diaz. The Vectra imaging system effectively and predictably simulates your post-opt results using a 3D image of your current body—including your actual breasts, torso and skin texture—from a variety of angles in real-time. This high-resolution, full-color technology captures the most intimate and minute details to help you and the doctor make side-by-side comparisons of your current appearance and dream appearance. Using this technology, you can ‘try on’ multiple implant options to see how those implants will look on you. You can even zoom in for a close up and set realistic expectations with Dr. Diaz. It also allows you to see the stunning range of results you can achieve if you combine multiple procedures.

3D imaging has revolutionized breast augmentation. It provides the most realistic simulation of what your breasts will look like after surgery. A consultation for breast augmentation is not complete without it.


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